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C(ovell) In The C(loud) Arrival Instructions 

Before Logging In


Optimize your internet! Make sure you have other wifi devices turned off. If possible plug into your ethernet cord. Close all other software on your computer. Make sure your computer is breathing so it doesn't overheat.


Get comfortable. Be in a space where you can stand or sit or dance. It's a long show with many surprises and we want you to be able to freely move about, for comfort and enjoyment purposes.


Pour yourself a glass of wine or beverage of choice. There are a lot of toasts throughout the show. We encourage purchasing food/drink from Bar Covell for contactless pickup if you're in Los Angeles. Day of shows actors will be there from 3 pm till around 4:30 pm for socially distant interaction.

Bar Covell is offering special discounts if you're buying a bottle of wine in person (not available for ordering ahead)

Loella Pinot Gris 2019 normally $25 but for C(ovell) attendees it's only $20

Meinklang Burgenland Rot (red) normally $25 but for C(ovell) attendees it's only $20 

If you can't visit Bar Covell click HERE for suggested wine, drinks, and food. We will be possibly awarding the best cheese plate...or maybe that reward is an illusion.


Set The Mood. C(ovell) is a magical place. We want you to feel as prepared as possible. If you have a deck of cards or maybe a pen and paper handy that could possibly enhance your experience. Have your food and drink ready to show off.  We also have a GOOGLE DRIVE full of backgrounds and background music in case you want to use any of those. 



Participants will be calling into both a Skype and a Zoom call simultaneously. If you have a built-in camera you will be able to have the same video for both, if you use a webcam you may need to switch video feeds at one or two points during the show. Watchers will only log into Zoom and must keep video/mic off at all times.

Links to both Skype and Zoom are below the codes of conduct.


Participants need to call into the Skype call first. You will be greeted by the show's Ring Master. He is a talented, friendly, and kind human. Please make sure to mute yourself on your Skype call, but leave the video running. You will not be able to participate in the main portion of the show if your Skype isn't working. If you have any difficulties please DM our Ring Master on Skype or Zoom.


Once you call into the Zoom meeting make sure your Skype call is muted and all your notifications are set to silent on your phone and computer. Also if you can set your Zoom call to not show you non-video participants.

Codes of Conduct


Violence, nudity, harassment, and hate speech will not be tolerated. You will be booted from the show if you are found to be interacting using any of these inappropriate behaviors.


Drink responsibly! Please know you do not have to drink alcohol the whole evening or at all for that matter. Water is a reasonable and refreshing toasting liquid.


Please be respectful of the actors and the show. Do not try and throw them off their characters and do not use the technical aspects of the show against it.

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