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Picnic Party is an all-ages positive affirmation dance party.

Originally created for the 2019 Hollywood Fringe multiple other Picnic Party events have occurred since. Picnic Party has always had the intention of spreading joy and compassion. The show in the past has always been PWYC, but with the intention to give back more than just positive vibes, during these trying times, the online event will be free with a donation of any size to the suggested charities indicated in the ticket pricing section below.

BETA TEST August 16th at noon limited to 15 participants

OFFICIAL PARTY August 22nd at noon up to 40 participants

This is an adaptation of the original Picnic Party playlist and affirmation sequence that premiered at the Hollywood Fringe in 2019. It will be created to cater to the digital experience.

The day before the show you will receive arrival instructions as well as tips for setting up your apartment/home. Arrival instructions will also include tips for improving your internet, what is expected of you, things you might want to have on hand, and how you might want to dress. So we suggest reading these in advance.

During your show, we ask that you try to wear Bluetooth headphones or use surround sound speakers so you can move freely about your apartment.



This event is free with RSVP and donation to spotlight charity Mental Health America or any of the following charities


Black Women Lead

Brave Space Alliance

City Harvest

Doctors Without Borders

The Innocence Project

Loveland Foundation

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Okra Project

Unicorn Riot


For those in the LA area (within 10 miles of Hollywood), you can register for a delivery of a show specific goodie bag along with a socially distant Singing Telegram from MCs Annie Lesser and Keight Leighn. This will come either the morning of your show between 9 and 11 am. This add on is $25 for the beta test and $35 for the official show and includes a minimum of 3 surprise props meant to be opened at specific times throughout the experience. $5 from every goodie bag purchased goes to Mental Health America. We are limiting Goodie bags for the Beta test to 3 people. Goodie bag numbers for the official show are currently TBD. Goodie bags must be purchased by 3 pm the day before Beta Test and 1 pm the day before the official show.

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RSVPs and Sale of Goodie Bags for Beta Test Has Begun At Link Below

RSVPs and Sale of Goodie Bags for Official event Will be available at the Link Below Starting August 15th at noon.

LOTTERY: We will be providing free goodie bags to BIPOC with need in the LA area with a Lottery. Please write to submit your name with the subject line Goodie Bag Lottery for a chance to win.

Past Praise




Picnic Party

“In a society where heads are constantly buried in phones, this is a refreshing opportunity to stay present...Picnic Party is an experiment in kindness, which we all could use a little more of.”

-Gabbi J-


"I truly believe this entire Picnic Party series is aimed at invoking a change in each individual’s way of thinking about their surroundings as well as his/her own way of thinking about themselves in order to create a more positive, pleasant outlook that reaches far beyond the event itself."

-Spencer F-

"We hugged, blew bubbles, danced with great vigor for 35 mins...stamping on my externalized negative atoms. And other people’s..Thank you Picnic Party."

-Seven G-

"This is the most fun you will have at Fringe guaranteed. "


-Patrick D.-

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