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G(riffith Park), curated and edited by Annie Lesser, is based on the notes and audio recordings of Katherine DeWinter before her 2020 disappearance. Katherine was working independently on a podcast about Griffith Park. From this source material, Annie Lesser has created for the ABC Project a series of audio pieces with the hopes that they will be listened to in and around Griffith Park.


G(riffith Park) will be released in 3 parts.

Part 1: 2015 to be released Late Winter/Early Spring 2021.

Part 2: 2017 to be released Late Spring 2021

Part 3: 2019 to be released mid to late summer 2021.

Each part will be made up of a minimum 8 audio pieces with a designated Introduction and Ending, while the other 6+ audio pieces can be listened to in any order the listener desires. Each piece will be titled based on the approximate date of its recording and, if applicable, a general area in and around the park where it should be listened to.

The audio pieces will be provided for free and can be listened to as a podcast for those who cannot travel to Los Angeles. Extras can be purchased in order to dive deeper into Katherine DeWinter's explorations of the park. All who pre-register will have access to the show's Prologue starting on Monday, March 1st which delves into how Annie came across Katherine's work and the focus of Katherine's research. Presale on all paid add ons will last until March 31st for all digital content, and until June 30th for the physical guidebook. Registration and presales all available in the G(riffith Park) section of ABC Interactive's online store. Each presale/registration comes with a free digital download of the "What Ave You Seen?" G(riffith Park) promo image.

AUDIO: Free with registration

DIGITAL GUIDEBOOK: $20 after presale, or $10 with presale

CUSTOMIZED ITINERARY (designed to help you plan the best ways to get the most out of your experience around your schedule): $60 after presale, or $45 with presale

PREMIUM AUDIO: Bonus audio $20 after presale or $10 with presale

PHYSICAL GUIDEBOOK: A physical coffee table book style guide with content unique and different than any of the other  $200 after presale, $125 with presale.

G(riffith Park) Premium Audio Add On

$20.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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